Visa Support

Brain Power provides all of our employees with the necessary documents to renew their visas.


All of our eligible employees have the opportunity to enroll in the social insurance system, and receive the same health care and treatment as any Japanese citizen would. Find more information on social insurance here.


A free health check up is provided once a year.


For our employees who take the extra steps to protect themselves during the influenza season, we will help pay for a portion of the vaccination expenses. A receipt with your name is required within one month of the time you receive the vaccination.

Living Support

Our staff is ready to help employees with any problems that may arise from living in a foreign country.

Paid Holidays

Paid holidays are available for employees who have been with Brain Power for more than six consecutive months.

Follow-up Meetings

Employees concerned about any problems or difficulties related to work are encouraged to contact us so we can find a solution together.

Career Advice

Free consultation is available for employees who are looking for guidance on advancing their careers in Japan.


Small gifts are sent out to all of our employees on their birthday as thanks for their hard work.

Japanese Support

Our staff is ready to help our employees understand any difficult documents such as those from the city hall, bank. etc., or provide interpretation when needed.