Will Brain Power sponsor my visa?
Yes, we can provide the necessary paperwork for employees who need visa support.


Can I be an ALT if I’m not a native English speaker?
While nationality isn’t important, we generally require our instructors to have 12 or more years of education in English.
Do I need to be able to speak Japanese?
Japanese is very useful as an ALT, but in the case that you cannot speak Japanese, what is important is the effort and enthusiasm to convey meaning to the best of your ability. For non-ALT employees, JLPT level 2 or equivalent Japanese proficiency is required.
What kind of person makes a good ALT?
Someone who likes children, is friendly, flexible, positive, understands Japanese culture, and actively tries to initiate communication would be the ideal ALT.
Is it possible to apply from outside of Japan?
We generally favor candidates already living in Japan, but for those candidates who are exceptionally qualified (Japanese ability, experience etc.) we would like to hear from you.
I’m a high school graduate. Can I find a job through Brain Power?
We currently only focus on candidates who have graduated from university.
Do I need teaching experience to work as an ALT with Brain Power?
While teaching experience in Japan or overseas is ideal, we’ll consider all applicants regardless of their experience.


Do you provide training for your employees?
Yes, we provide training to all employees prior to their first day, as well as follow-up training, and personal training as requested.


Do you provide social insurance and employment insurance?
Those eligible can enroll in both social insurance and employment insurance.

Pay & Working Conditions

When is payday?
Payday is the 15th of every month. In the case that the 15th is on Saturday, Sunday, or a national holiday, payday will take place on the previous workday.
What kind of salary can I expect?
Salary varies depending on each job. Please check the Search Jobs section for specific details for each job.


Where will I be working?
Our jobs are located mostly in the Kansai area (Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, and Nara). Please check the Search Jobs section for specific details for each job.


Will you provide teaching materials for your instructors?
Yes, we provide our instructors with original materials (flashcards, worksheets etc.) during training. We can also provide more materials on request as necessary.